Kristi Bedard


"My time with Jen was empowering, sweet, gentle and healing. Her techniques on positioning were intentional and her sessions were made specifically for my 'style' of practice.Yes, practicing is about flexibility, strength and staying fit for some....and for others it's about finding yourself, finding peace, acceptance and light. These are things that I find when I practice with Jen."

Katy Smith Abbott


"Working with Jen is transformative...…my IT band totally gave up its resistance for a blissful 24 hours after our session, and my hips are more pain-free than they’ve been in months and months."

Peggy Lyons


"[I wanted to] ...take the time to let you know how exciting it was to be able to hold the tree pose on both sides!! And grow. First time ever I have been able to hold and grow and not lose balance.  So - I must be learning something!"

Rob Danforth

East Dover

"I have been wanting to start a yoga practice for years, and I would not trust my body to just anyone.  Jen is clearly so knowledgeable, gentle, considerate, and patient.  I drive 2+ hours every other week just to learn from her. She is my hero."