The Roar of Joy that set the Worlds in Motion is       Reverberating in Your Body


This beautiful quote from the Radiance Sutras captures the essence of what I aspire to share with my clients and students.  Everything we need is within us.  Yoga and meditation can help you tap into your inherent wisdom and capacity to create your own well-being and happiness. When you practice yoga with me, I will create a safe place for you to let go and will guide you towards connection with your innate wholeness--the untouched wholeness that you were born with and that is always within you.  

My style is very accessible and the level of practice is 100% based on your needs and capacity.

I'd love to help you:

  • begin or deepen a yoga or meditation practice,

  • learn the basic principles of yoga before trying a group setting,

  • recover from an injury and reduce chronic pain,

  • reduce stress and overwhelm

  • heal from trauma, and/or

  • reduce depression or anxiety.